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Our Company was established in the spring of 1956 when two young engineers allied to the motor trade opened an engineering business in the town of Rotherham, in the heart of industrial South Yorkshire. They called the firm as it was then Rotherham Reboring Service, they operated from a small workshop attached to a terrace house on Masbrough Street.

They ran a busy workshop grinding crankshafts, reboring cylinders, surface grinding cylinder heads and blocks as well as other machining work associated with engines. They were long time members of the Federation of Engine Re Manufactures and our customers in the fifties were mainly small garages, haulage contractors, and private bus Companies.

This is our promise to you

  • Low Prices Every Day
  • Guaranteed on everything we sell
  • With thousands of parts for all cars in stock

As we were surrounded by coal mines and steel works and situated between Sheffield and Doncaster in the Don Valley, we were ideally placed to do business with these people and we knew our small workshop would not be big enough to cater for the needs of such large organisations so we made the decision to form a limited company Rotherham Reboring Service Ltd and move across the road to new purpose built workshops in order to bring these industries on board.

From humble beginnings when the first seeds were sown all those years ago, the roots of our Company started to grow, we had always sold motor parts from our engineering works but these were limited to gaskets, pistons, bearings valves etc. our customers asked us for component parts and accessories to be stocked as well, so once again to cater for our customer’s needs we built new premises on the site of our original business on Masbrough street, the year was 1980 the year of the Olympic Games in Moscow, we called our new building Olympic House.

The building was officially opened on October 11th 1980 by, the now, Lord Sebastian Coe who was the 1500 meters gold medal winner of that same year.

The new Company name was Leisureways UK Limited the forerunner to Leisureways Sports & Leisureways Motoring which now incorporates The Happy Motorist and The Real Sports Store.

Back in 1956 things were very different then, Britain was still recovering from the second world war and industry was changing back from making tanks, planes, guns and bombs to manufacturing cars again. We did not have computers in those days and our currency was the old Pound Shillings and Pence and the internet had not been invented.

But now in the 21st Century with the advancement of new technology, we are proud to offer our customers the ease and friendly approach to our new website which has been created so that it is easy to use by anyone

Our aim as always is to live up to our reputation and the high standards that we have aimed to achieve and our customers have become used to over the sixty years we have been serving the public.


Are We Old Fashioned?

When it comes to old fashioned service You Bet We Are. We have been giving it for over 6o years It is our pride and privilege to serve our customers the old fashioned way.

We promise that

  • We will treat you with the Respect that we believe all customers deserve
  • We will take the time to help sort out your motoring problems with you
  • It’s the little things that matter that's why our customers keep coming back
  • We will never turn you away if you have a problem, our staff are trained and dedicated to help you, they will be privileged TO DO JUST THAT
  • We have dedicated lines to connect you quickly to a Trained Member of staff

Old Fashioned? You bet we are - We inbuilt it into our name

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